Saturday, 17 September 2011

Grans Embroidered Tablecloth

Okay, so this isn't actually a crafting post exactly... certainly not anything to do with scrapbooking or mini-albums. However, I thought I'd share this beautiful piece with you. My father-in-law gave this tablecloth to me before he passed away. It was embroidered by his mother, and I love it so much! The embroidery/cross-stitch isn't just in the centrepiece... it's also on every corner and with little embroidered flowers at the hem too.
 But it has a few stains on it. Gravy and blackcurrant :( The blackcurrant is definitely the worst stain, and although it's faded and could be hidden underneath a centrepiece when the cloth is laid on a table, I so wish to shift it.
I've washed it - carefully! I really don't want to risk such a gorgeous piece on a hot wash - it's over 65 years old... and I've so far avoided biological detergents too.  I would love to return this tablecloth to it's former glory - before it was marked by the hands of gorgeous grandchildren *lol*... any ideas anyone? How could I remove the stain without risking the cloth itself (it's cotton) or the embroidery? I have been told about white-vinegar and also bicarbonate of soda... and even told to mix the both of these together... but would any or some of these be too harsh?
Any advice or laundry tips and tricks would be so useful... even any old wives tales or grannies remedies you think might be helpful :)
Thanks in advance!


sutty said...

Can't help with stain advice but it is absolutely gorgeous and I can understand why you want to get the stains out :)

Mags said...

Kim and Aggie from 'How Clean is Your House?' suggest lemon juice for a dried fruit stain - 'place stain-side down on kitchen paper and dampen with lemon juice. Dab with hot water and wash.' They also suggest a solution of borax for beetroot stains! it might be worth dropping Ribena on a hankie and experimenting befor tackling this exquisite tablecloth! luv, Mags x

misteejay said...

Oh this is beautiful and certainly something to treasure.

I had heard of the 'white vinegar/bicarb soda' thing of making a paste and applying to the stain but I wouldn't be sure of how harsh it would be. It is difficult to know what to suggest as you have the coloured cross stitch that you wouldn't want to harm either.

Hope someone can advise.

Toni xx

dawn said...

How sweet that he gave this to you and that it can be passed down the family instead. So nice that even with a stain noone threw it away. The stain tells a story and you can always put something like a candle, flower vase or such on that spot to cover it up. It is a lovely tablecloth. I have one of my grandma's favorite one and I've been thinking it's time to get it out and admire it. Good luck with the stain if you do try something.

Sian said...

It's beautiful! I wish I could help with the stain but laundry isn't one of my strong points. No, that doesn't sound too good does it? I mean: stain removal is hard!

I'd love to know if you do shift it though

Sandra said...

It's just beautiful and what a lovely man :) sorry I'm not sure how to get it out, but I hope you find a way

misteejay said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - in answer to your query about Stickles...Ice Stickles in Crystal Ice.

Toni xx

Sande said...

I have a gorgeous tablecloth that my Grandmother crocheted many many years ago. It had been washed and packed away and for quit some time and when I was given it after she passed, I was shocked to see huge brown stains.

Like you I didn't want to wash in anything harsh. After talking to a elderly neighbor she said to wash it in mild soap (like baby shampoo), hot water and cream of tartar in hot water. Leave it in the sink or a basin and let it soak as long as possible. The cream of tartar should remover the stains but won't fad the color of the embroidery.

Hope this works for my tablecloth now looks like new.