Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh, For Heaven's Sake! Blogger!!! Grrr!!!

I have spent most of the early hours of this morning (12am until nearly 3am) leaving comments on every post that has been written by people that I 'follow'... every post that's been written by you lovely people over the past few days that I've missed. I've just noticed that a lot of the comments, after I've hit the 'post comment' button, have just disappeared... slipped into the ether of the world wide net, never to be seen of again.
Darn it! Blogger *shakes fist* You are a pain in the blogging backside!

So... please note that, if I (once again) am appearing to be somewhat absent in your comments section... I have visited, I have loved everything that people have done... I have spent silly amounts of time leaving comments... and it's all Bloggers fault that I have become the invisible woman :(

Gandhi said:
"You can't shake hands with a clenched fist".
Nope... but you can swear at blogger with a clenched fist :)


Di said...

Oh dear - now I'm hooting with laughter here! Sorry but it's so funny when you get riled :)) Blogger is truly playing games - beat this one chick - I know my followers disappear at times but the other day when I looked at my blog I had a large picture of one single follower. Not only that, it was only the doggie picture from The Daily Pup that I have at the very bottom of my blog. Mind you, it was a cute Siberian Husky pup with gorgeous blue eyes but it gave me a bit of a turn - plus it didn't comment whilst it was there :)) Your latest comment (thanks!) has appeared fine. Hoot, hoot - hope you're down off your soapbox now? Di xx

misteejay said...

I had a lovely comment from you too so perhaps Blogger was doing it just to rile you.

I'm still getting frustrated by 'not responding' messages and have had a few 'silly' o'clock sessions myself.

Toni xx

Scattychick said...

I would love a craft room I have taken over the dining room atm lol. Love all the kittens too Miss Callie cat is a lovely mum x

Shoshi said...

Oooh I sooo identify with this post. I have been tearing my hair yet again with wretched Google playing silly bloggers with us again. I thought everyone had gone off me, because I hadn't had any comments at all for days. Today half the pages won't load, and when they do, there are no photos. It's a Major Pain in the Proverbial and I'm Sick Of It. Wish they'd untwist their knickers and give us a decent service. This nonsense started before Christmas LAST YEAR for goodnes sake!!!!! (Vent over. For a few minutes anyway!!!)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I couldn't leave comments for about four weeks this spring. It was SO frustrating and I was ready to leave blogger. So, I can understand your frustration. Gosh, I came to visit your desk (which is no more) and ended up leaving a comment on this post. Go figure! And I know what it feels like to be frustrated over shelving. This summer, the company that boxed my things for storage, brought them back, but the poles to my shelves were missing. I had no place to put the things that came back until I found the poles. I ended up going out and buying new shelves.