Thursday, 29 September 2011

Inexpensive Gift

I still haven't managed to craft in my new room yet... to be honest, it's a little bit lonely up there all on my own. It's very quiet. Quiet and small. I'll get used to it though :)

I did manage to finish the tags for the Christmas mini album that's supposed to be made out of cardboard tube (but I made mine from kraft cardstock). I think the general consensus at the DoCrafts site is that we all send a little pressie in one of the pockets in the mini... so I customised a great little metal bookmarker I found.
Just by adding a little Father Christmas charm and a tassle, I thought it would make a lovely little gift for someone. I hope. Actually, I have a confession to make... I thought these metal bookmarkers were such a good idea tthat I bought six of them! My mum is an avid reader, and it's her birthday in November, so I thought I might alter one for her too... I can't say anything else because I know my mum reads my blog. Hi Mum! :D

Blogger Annoyance Update *lol*:
I managed to post on every update... I think... and they all posted ... I think... *lol* Except for...
Sheridan. For some reason, my comment just slipped away to nothingness.

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Sandra said...

This will be very well received :)