Thursday, 22 September 2011

Callie Cat

Another non-crafting post... but had to share a photograph of my poor little CallieCat... who is a bit further on in her pregnancy than I first thought (Hey, the grey tabby wins the  "Who's Your Daddy?" contest this time *lol*). She's a tiny, very skinny cat (though she prefers to be described as 'lean' or 'slender'), and yet her kittens are born quite big... she's carrying around a right hefty bump this time, and I think it may be only about a week or so until I hear the patter of tiny paws again.
Callie is in a box on the tiny table in the kitchen. There is also a shallow box in the lounge... one in the bedroom... and one in the hallway. I am not taking any chances this time- nomatter where she decides to start having those kittens, there will be a box nearby, ready to put her into so she doesn't get kitten-birth-bits everywhere *yuk!*
The kitchen box is her favourite at the moment because firstly, it's up on the table away from LilyDog (who tries to basket-share)... and secondly because it has a bag in it.  She does love carrier bags, but I couldn't risk placing a plastic bag in the box... so we compromised with a cheap material bag that she hides in. Trouble is that, right now, she's just too big to crawl inside it! Still, I reckon it must be comfy to sleep on, because she spends a lot of time in that box.
I did explain to Hubby that we needed a lot of those boxes for all over the house for when Callie drops her sprogs (as my wonderful eldest daughter explains it *lol*)... and the only place I can get them freely - and also to ensure they're pretty clean - is to order a lot of crafting goodies so that they are delivered in the perfect-sized boxes. I'm not sure he's convinced by my explanation and assurances that this really is the best way to obtain the boxes... but it's a good tale and I'm sticking to it :)


Karen said...

Oh Sheleen - that goes right to No 1 on my top ten list of 'excuses as to why I bought this box of craft supplies' :)

Di said...

Right, I need to go out and buy or adopt a cat PDQ! So cute though is Callie Cat - hope all goes well and you post some piccies :) Di xx

misteejay said...

How could he possibly doubt your reasoning - they look like perfect boxes to me LOL

Toni xx

Sandra said...

Isn't she a beauty, looking forward to hearing about her progress. We'll support you if your hubby asks any questions, of course you're right lol.

famfa said...

I like your thinking. Suffering for your cat. You poor thing, having to find uses for your new crafts so your cat can have new boxes.