Friday, 16 September 2011

Blogger!!!! (shakes fist)

Blogger is being a pain for me... it's told me that some blogsites don't exist any longer, or that people haven't blogged for over a year... and it's not true!!! Too late, I stopped 'following' before I realised that it was simply a blogger mistake, so I'll try to sort this out as soon as I can.


misteejay said...

Me thinks you and Blogger are not on the best of terms at the moment.

It has played up a few times this week and it is so frustrating that they still haven't fixed that problem about leaving comments - if I set Blogger to 'remember me' it throws everything out so I have to leave that switched off so I can leave comments without any hassle.

Hope you get things sorted.

Have a lovely weekend Sheleen.

Toni xx

dawn said...

It can be a pain sometimes, sorry it's giving you problems. Hope you can figure it out. Have a good weekend.

Sian said...

I've had two people tell me they thought I wasn't blogging anymore. Not funny...