Sunday, 17 April 2011

Ever Had One Of Those Days...?

This is the strangled sound my neighbours can hear this evening, coming from my house. I really have had "one of those days" - well, evenings, to be precise.
I had a chipboard birdcage, and I've been meaning to put it together and decorate it for quite some time now. I gesso'd it a few weeks ago - made it look sort of shabby-chic - and I couldn't wait to make it look extra pretty. Out came the gcd collection "Paris Nights", and I chose a french-themed advertisment-like paper to cover the roof - inside AND out too. I made little paper roses from the collection papers, and even went out to the garden to pick a few little branches from one of my Lilac trees to decorate this birdcage.
I had almost finished it, when I decided to take a few photographs of it (in the kitchen because the light is best in there) - like a work in progress.... and then it happened... 
I dropped it in the kitchen sink.
A sink full of used washing up water.
I was quick... but not even Scotch Quick Dry Glue can cope with a quick dip in warm soapy water (especially when the glue hasn't had a chance to dry properly).
All my hard work.... wasted.
The centres keep falling out of the roses, the bird inside the cage has straggly feathers (and I spent ages glueing them on!), and the chipboard has distorted and is somewhat falling apart.
I think the air turned a little blue in the kitchen...
I was so frustrated and angry at myself... so I decided to finish the darn thing anyway!
I don't think my sniffles and tears helped as I tried to stick on pearls and brads *lol*
If it dries out well, and is salvagable, I may add to it in the future - I'll just make sure that if I photograph it in the kitchen, the sink is emptied first *lol*
I was thinking maybe a few bright olive-green accents ... flowers and chipboard pieces ... just to make it a bit brighter (though it won't match the colour scheme in my front room then).
Or maybe I'll just add a few more neutral-coloured embellishments...?
Of course, it may just fall apart and I'll not have to make any decisions about it at all *lol*


misteejay said...

Oh dear...hope it is drying well as it looks fab.

Toni :o)

Sian said...

My jaw has just hit the floor! What a nasty surprise that would have been :( I hope it does dry out because even if it looks a little bit shabbier than you were aiming for, it'll still be very chic!

Laura said...

Oh no!! What a disaster. I feel for you so much. How completely frustrating. I reckon it'll dry to the perfect 'distressed' finish. Hope so anyway!! xx