Tuesday, 11 April 2017

WOYWW #410

I'm writing this Tuesday evening - but guaranteed my desk won't change a bit before Wednesday (or Thursday, and possibly even Friday!), so technically, it's still "What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday" 
It's a mess! It seems that, just lately, I've had the urge to shop for crafty things but have no inspiration or real ideas on how I shall use any of it. I bought yet more edge-dies... I now have well over 50 of them lol. Another embossing folder that I might be able to use on something, a wine-themed stamp set that I thought I might use on the music-sheet project (but then changed my mind), loads of Alice In Wonderland themed bits and pieces I have printed, made or stamped that I do want to use in an album I sort-of have planned...and plug chains are also sat on my desk. I saw them in a shop and thought to myself "Ooh... they'll come in handy for making albums!" and promptly bought four of them. By the time I had gotten home, I'd completely forgotten exactly the amazing idea I had that I would use them for (I think it was some amazing, new-fangled way of making an album closure... but who knows?! lol). There is also a roll of wallpaper sat on my desk. I had a tester piece torn off of a roll for my mum... and as I stood looking at it, I had the idea that it would make beautiful covers for some of my journals and albums... along with the other five rolls of wallpaper I have collected for exactly this reason, and never actually used yet.
I had a very tiring day - but a lovely one too - visiting with my 4 grandchildren. We went to the Maxx 99p store, and they wiped me out! I only wanted coffee, and ended up spending £30! I did find some beautiful pencils though...

The actual pencil 'lead' isn't metallic exactly... but the colours are so beautiful - like faded Victorian hues. Unfortunately, the photograph isn't very good and shows them a lot brighter than they really are. I just fell in love with the colours, and I am sure there'll be something I will use these for... eventually :)

So... there you have it - so many crafting items, and so little inspiration. 
I can't really use the excuse that my tooth still hurts, as I went to the dentists of Thursday and had it drilled and filled. BUT... on Saturday I broke the filler and now have toothache again. I just want the dentist to take out the offending tooth! lol

To all the lovely people who visited my blog last week - I do apologise for few return visits - this week I WILL make the effort and have a peek at other people's desks.
If you have no idea at all as to what is going on here, just pop on over to The Stamping Ground, where our ever-creative host Ms Julia will explain everything here.

Finally... for this week's WOYWW I shall be number... 26

Have a wonderful Wednesday to All... and for the rest of the week too :)


Kathyk said...

Sometimes I think that acquisition is almost as much fun as using said acquisitions!! Hope you find some mojo soon, those metallic pencils look like a great buy too



Mrs.D said...

You don't know how comforting it is to know that I'm not alone in having the desire to buy, buy, buy and then not have any idea what to do with the item. I too spend a lot of time looking at my purchases thinking Why,why why?
Thanks for visiting my desk.
Chris #10

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, it's ok, I understand you buying more stuff, I really do. I have a box of yarn at home waiting to be made into blankets and yet still find myself staring at new colours in the wool shop. Must resist!!
Hope your tooth gets sorted out, toothache isn't much fun.....
Hugs, LLJ 13 xxx

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Bubbles, you are not alone, I often find myself buying stuff with a vague 'I'll use this one day' thought!Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #4 XxXx

glitterandglue said...

Hi Bubbles. Hope the tooth gets sorted soon - one way or the other! Don't we all buy things and then forget why we bought them - she asks in amazement... I thought it was the law???
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #2

Angela Radford said...

I don't think you're the only one that buys stuff and then can't decide what to do with it. My thing is to see someone doing something with a product, I buy it and then can't for the life of me remember what they did with it lol! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela xXx20

Helen said...

I buy loads of stuff (see my desk today!! ) and then don't use it for ages ... we all do! Helen #1

Sarah Brennan said...

I don't think that you are any different than the rest of us. I, too, admit that I buy stuff then don't use it for ages! Hope you get your tooth sorted soon. Sarah #9

BJ said...

Oh love seeing other people's dies, I'm a die freak myself. As for the tooth issues I have a broken tooth as well, it's been like that for weeks now and before it broke I just knew something was up. Not having it done until 19th April as my dentist is very busy. So i know your pain, hope you get it sorted soon. Gentle Hugs and thanks for visiting me yesterday, just getting round to catching up now. BJ#5

misteejay said...

Well you certainly have lots of goodies to play with.
Hope you get the tooth sorted.
Toni xx