Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Crafting Mishaps #6

Oh dear! Some people (i.e: ME) shouldn't be let loose with dangerous crafting items. Though, to be fair, glitter is a dangerous crafting item when I'm around (see crafting mishaps 3 and crafting mishaps 1 for proof).
It all started when I saw some retractable DIY knives really cheap in the 99p store. "Hmm", I wondered... "could these be as good as craft knives to use? I'll buy some and find out".
The second important piece of information in this sorry tale, is that I always over-use my craft blades. I'm such a skinflint that I use them until they're totally blunt. And then I'll use them for a bit longer. I know, I know... dangerous and really stupid!
Well... I had packed up my bag ready for crafting night at Pickwells, so my craft knives were jammed into an overflowing compartment and I didn't fancy having to rummage through my neatly packed (!!*lol*) bag to find them. Never mind, thought I... I'll just use the retractable DIY knives I purchased.
I was only cutting photographs - nothing heavyweight at all. Trouble is, my craft knife is somewhat blunt, and so unthinkingly, I placed a lot of pressure onto the retractable knife I was using... and sliced clean through my little craft mat.
It appears that I am not such a weak and feeble woman as I previously thought I was. It could have been worse... I could have sliced through my bigger mat and damaged my desk. I so liked that little mat too - handy for taking to craft meets, clearly indicated centimetres (which was why I was using it instead of my larger mat with inches), and pretty impervious to heat guns. Not impervious to retractable DIY knives though. Oops!

Maybe some glue and double sided sticky tape could fix this problem...?

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Di said...

OMGosh Bubbles - what on Earth are you like!! That was some hefty slice there - pleased you got out of it unscathed, makes me shudder to think how much worse it could have been.

NOT super glue again please - have only just recovered from the T key :))

Hugs, Di xx