Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Also known as...
"Where IS What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?"
I already had my post all written out and ready for today (it was 4am Wednesday morning, and I was bored! *lol*).
I waited until 6am to add a linky on the widget (the usual time, roundabouts, for a WOYWW post)... no Julia.
Maybe, thinks I in my tired and fuddled state, Julia has decided that with the clocks changing she'll change her post time too. 7am comes along... no Julia.
Is it my computer, I wonder?
Nope... everything else seems to be working in an okay-ish manner.
Is it Wednesday? I wonder.
Yes... I've checked already - asked my youngest daughter as she was making her way through the door to go to college.
"Is it Wednesday?" I ask a bleary-eyed Hubby as he wakes up at the alarm call. His reply of "Grrmphhuuulllrrpppgrrrmmmmm" I took to mean something along the lines of "yes".

The last posting at the Stamping Ground was on All Hallows Eve... did the goblins come and steal our Julia away? Did she find the spell to actually make a broomstick fly? 
Did Julia... oh, I can hardly bear to even think it, let alone write it... BUT, could a tired and needing-of-rest Julia have overslept and forgotten it's WOYWW?

Oh, my!

In all seriousness... Julia, I do hope you're okay?!

On a brighter note... I finally decided (I think!) on the design of the mini album that'll sit on the book-base (Autumn Swirls). Yay! Now I just have to find a bit of inspiration for the inside... and some time when I want to do something else other than sleep, sniff, sneeze, cough, and feel sorry for myself (all at once... which is kind of scary *lol*).


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Just a quickie - rang Julia. She's fine but didn't realise her blog hadn't published! Is sorting out as I type...

Sian said...

It's good to hear that she is okay - I do enjoy a poke around a few desks of a Wednesday!