Sunday, 20 November 2011

No Time To Catch My Breath...

Guess who went to Dunelm Mill...?
Lou and myself took my Mum down to the shop at Park Gate in Fareham on Thursday, and she loved it! I bought a few little things...
In two small aisles at Dunelm Mill, I found more treasure than I have at any other big retail store.
On Friday it was time for Craft Club at the local church hall, and one of the ladies there presented me with my very own little bear. It's something she does for everyone... only, when I first joined the group, I didn't get a bear :( Apparently, she was looking for the perfect one just for me. She makes the little clothing pieces herself in bright happy colours. What a lovely little gift to welcome someone, don't you think?
Then on Saturday it was back to Dunelm Mill with LouLou, her daughter Lisa, and my Mum ... plus her credit card *lol* We had such a giggle! On the way home, we stopped off at a craft and card shop Called RS Cards & Crafts. Run by Roz and her daughter Sarah, this is a little piece of heaven hidden away in Bursledon. Roz is AMAZING! A brilliant woman full of enthusiasm and information... and I came away with my Christmas pressie from Hubby to me. Wanna know what he bought me? A 1:24th scale dolls house! I love it so much! Hubby also bought me a few little pieces (it's possibly the last time I'm ever aloud out of the house with his credit card and details *lol*)... and I went shopping on EBay and bought a few more - but I'll be popping straight back to see Roz and to purchase more from her shop too.

And so on to today... where I said "Goodbye" to the little kitties. Duchess went last night, and she's now called Ronnie and settling in beautifully with her new family. Rosie is now Matilda, and she has found a loving mummy called Claire just around the corner from where I live, and Essex (who may or may not be changing his name) lives not too far from Ronnie near the New Forest with Andy and Debbie and their family. I've just recieved a called from Andy... Essex was curled up on their bed asleep, and has really settled in amazingly well. So... happy news for the kitties. Of course, Bella hasn't gone anywhere at all... she's still here with us, wrecking the Christmas tree, and is part of our family now.

So... lots happening and no time to get anythig done - though any shopping that involves crafting materials is always a guilty pleasure :)
I'll leave it for tomorrow to find some time to catch up with all those wonderful blogs I've been missing lately... and have to say a special "Thank You!" to Helen for letting me in on the wonderful world that is Dunelm Mill *lol*


Mags said...

Oh my, what an adorable bear! And how wonderful to have a gorgeous dolls house to play with - we're all just kids at heart, aren't we?! Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new treasures!!

love, Mags x

Rachael Elliott said...

What a lovely idea to be given the bear! It is really cute.
You certainly got a good haul at Dunelm! I never find that many goodies when I go lol. Will try harder next time!
Thank you so much for the lovely comments you leave on my blog, I really do appreciate them, thank you :) xxx

Karen said...

How lovely, to get your own little personlised bear. Can't wait to see what you do with your little house.

misteejay said...

I see you didn't buy much LOL

Love your cute bear - what a lovely idea.

You are going to have such fun with your dolls house.

Toni xx

Debs Willis said...

SAd saying goodbye to the kitties, but sounds like they've found happy homes. Love the teddy, and looks like I might need to visit Dunelm Mill!!

Debs x

Sian said...

I told you you'd be back to Dunnies in no time, didn't I? lol

Have a wonderful time with your dolls house. The first Christmas we were married my husband bought me a dollshouse and it remains my all time favourite Christmas present

dawn said...

I love your little bear, how cute. Such pretty doll house furniture, love these. Glad you have some families for the kitty's to go to.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Thank you for always sharing and make me happy here.