Friday, 11 November 2011

What A Day!

Today is a day that I don't think I could live again, even if I wanted to! Don't get me wrong... there's been a couple of good things that have happened today - but a lot of stress too.
It started out so very well, when a parcel arrived for me. Ooh... thought I.  I hadn't ordered anything, so I was really excited to recieve something that I knew hadn't cost me anything *lol*.
I'll reveal all in a later post - suffice to say that my gift is STUNNING!
It's not the only gift I've received lately... I've mentioned my friend LouLou a few times - she's the kind of friend who not only knows where the bodies are buried, but helped dig the hole to get them buried in the first place. This woman is my 'sister from another mother (and father)' *lol*  On our way to visit Argos, we discovered  a Dunelm Mill store! This place is highly recommended by Helen at It's All Fiddle Fart, so we had to go in and have a nosey around.  Lou sneakily bought me something as we were browsing... she knew I liked it, and popped it in her basket without me seeing. What an amazing friend she is:
She bought me this gorgeous wicker heart, and some border stickers that I thought looked very 'Art Nouveau'.
I photographed them on my desk this afternoon... and then went to check on my CallieCat who'se been a bit under the weather the last couple of days. What a shock I had when I found her! She was curled up on Bethany's bed - where she'd been for the past two days. Her eyes were sunken and cloudy, she couldn't move let alone stand up by herself, and just by picking her up I could feel that her temperature was much too high. My poor baby! Hubby had just come home from work, and Beth was due home soon.... so I phoned the vets and made an appointment straight away. I then had to phone Beth to arrange for her to go to a friends house straight from college as we wouldn't be at home.  Out came the cat travel box from storage (under the stairs), and in went Callie. We knew then it was serious, as she didn't miaow or struggle at all when we placed her in the cat carrier - and she hates that little plastic box! Hubby and I went to a new vetinary practice we'd heard about called Vets4Pets and they were wonderful! The staff really put us at ease, and the vet was so gentle with out precious cat. Callies temperature was 40.9 - which is very high apparently, but the vet gave her a couple of shots and some sound advice, a contact number just in case she got worse in the night, and a real peace of mind.  By the time we got home, Callie was trying to get up and walk... she ate some food and had a drink (she hadn't eaten anything for nearly three days!) and managed a disgusted look at me (she doesn't like that box at all! *lol*). She's curled up resting outside Beth's bedroom door now - looking much much better.
Her ears are pricked up listening to what's going on around her, and her eyes are bright and clear - and her breathing is no longer shallow and slow. I am so relieved to get my baby back home, getting well.
So... everyone finally gets home and settled... and the kittens now have to be fed and have a run around.
Bella decided she was going to act just like her cat-mummy, and found the space between the glass coffee-table top and the base...
... and then she and Rosie (Aurora Blaze) 'discovered' the Christmas tree.
Oh, dear.
At first it was a simple matter of hitting the baubles on the lower branches until they fell and rolled around on the floor, and then chasing them all over the front room. I thought I was being clever by putting the more expensive and breakable decorations further up the tree.... not so. All I have managed to do is entice a certain two little mischevious kitties to climb up the middle of my tree!
Shortly after this photograph was taken, both kittens were having a competition to see who could get the highest up the middle of my 6 foot-tall Christmas tree. Bella won by default, as I plucked Rosie off the tree first. They both managed a respectable 4 foot climb though... impressive really! *lol* I think our treetop angel had better watch out for little furry visitors!

Well, apart from a very poorly daughter with an ear infection, a hubby who's in shock with having to pay the vetinary care bill, a home that's had to be de-flea'd (again!), and a house that needs a good clean from top to bottom... this has been my day.
Please, please let tomorrow be more quiet.
Which I expect it wioll be after we've taken Callie back for her check-up at the vets... and the dog... and all the kittens too.
Okay... maybe a good rest on Sunday instead then :)


Scattychick said...

Oh Poor Callie I hope she has continued to improve ((hugs)) The kittens are gorgeous and I think you may have to take the expensive ornament back off this year!

Sian said...

I hope you have a much more restful weekend and that Callie continues to get better.

Once you have discovered Dunelm Mill you'll never be able to go past it again without popping in. We have one here in a retail park, and there is an empty shop beside which I keep hoping might someday turn into Hobbycraft. That would be a perfect combo

Di said...

Oh no - poor Callie. Hope she continues to improve. I missed your post about putting Christmas decs up and couldn't get my head round the kittens climbing a Christmas tree in November. Think I'll follow suit though and do it all early this year too - need to blitz the house first though! Can't wait to see what's in the parcel :)) Oooh, and I need to check out that Dunhelm Mill place :)) Fingers crossed for Callie. Di xx

dawn said...

oh dear what a bad day for you. so glad your calie cat is doing better. what was wrong though? that's great you had went to a great vet with helpful people.

I bet your tree is going to have a lot of little visitors this month. Lets hope they don't knock over the tree and break anything. I remember when our cats were babies, oh my they drove me crazy with the tree.

I hope your weekend goes much better and plenty of rest on Sunday for you.

misteejay said...

Hope the weekend is less stressful.

Toni xx