Friday, 4 November 2011

A New Blogger On The Block!

Just a quickie post tonight, to say that there's a new blogger on the block!
You've all seen my Mum's wonderful creations that she's made for me, and that I've posted here... but it's well past the time when the creative genius that is my Mum  needs a blog all of her own :)
Tatting is a form of lace making that uses a shuttle instead of bobbins... and my Mum is a self-taught tatter (can you tell how intensely proud I am of her?!)
As the weeks progress, she'll be posting photographs of her tatting creations (you really have to see the Star Of David mat she's making... GORGEOUS!), and sharing the life and loves of a handbag addict (she really is seriously addicted to buying handbags *lol*). Oh... this is also the woman who is more well-informed and capable of using new technology than I am... she has a better phone (read 'better' as 'so complicated I couldn't even answer it'!), a computer tablet-thingy... and probably already has in mind what technology-based pressie she'll be getting next.
So... please do pop over to Tatter Natter and say "Hi!" to Margaret... she'd really appreciate a warm welcome from some of the nicest people in the blogging community (that would be YOU who's reading this *lol*).
Hmmm... now all I need to accomplish is getting my Dad on here too - if it's got an engine, it's got potential as far as Dad is concerned. Maybe I could tell him that Blogger is a site all about motorbikes and beer?


Scattychick said...

There are probably a few blogs about motorbikes and beer lol been to say hello to your mum xxx

Sian said...

I'll hop over and say hello. It'll be my pleasure.

Di said...

Hiya - I was sure I'd left a comment here :( I hopped straight over and became a follower - talent must run in the family :)) Di xx