Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm Sooo Cheap!

I went, I saw, I shopped... but found absolutely nothing that I started off wanting to buy. So I decided to go looking for 'stuff'... you know how it is - just looking for things that 'might' come in handy and useful in a crafty sort of way... one day far, far into the distant future *lol* So here's my mini-haul of possible stash: I managed to buy...
1. Some large foam letters (got LOADS of these already!) acid-free in a range of brigt pinks and orange colours... £1.29.
2. Hair rings - like wee mini scrunchies. One pot black, white and grey... the other pot brown , tan and cream. I have no idea whatsoever how I will use them - it's just an impulse space-waster at the moment *lol* I thought I'd somehow fashion them into flowers or something... we'll see. 99p a pot with literally hundreds of hair rings in each.
3. Two packs of more funky foam letters - this time bright jigsaw shapes with alphabet letters stamped in black on each mini jigsaw piece. They were so cute! Like mini bottles and pegs, I just had to have them :) 99p a bag with loads of pieces in each, I thought it was quite a bargain.
4. A mini paint set. Easel, mini canvases, paint brushes, pencils, pencil sharpener, a rubber, six mini tubes of paint, and a little tote bag to store it all in. Another 99p bargain... bearing in mind that I paid 89p for ONE tube of paint the same size a few weeks ago.
5. Lastly, a foam alphabet stamp set - quite funky and cute... another 99p find.
So all-in-all I'm quite pleased with myself in some respects... and wondering when I'll actually get around to buying those rub-ons I wanted. HobbyCraft would have been in my sights this evening... but I had to take my beautiful BabyGurl (she's 15!) to stay at her Grandmas house and missed the opening times by half an hour. Still, there's always tomorrow...

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Sandra said...

wow.. you've really got yourself some good bargains there - how comes I never seem to see things like this LOL.

I'm all for spreading your shopping days ... so much more fun, that way LOL