Friday, 20 November 2015

Christmas Wreaths

My favourite craft project :) I just loved making these - and they are sold at the Boutique Village in Southampton. I made a few, and they were so popular I had to make some more.

I made two of these traditional coloured ones, and didn't lacquer them because that would have hidden the beautiful papers I used. Because these ones were card, not paper, not having a lacquer coating should be fine.

This copper-tipped one with holly leaves is my favourite - I'm going to make another one just for me :)

 This one is different - and quite unique. It took so long rolling up and tying all the bits of paper, and then tipping each end with glitter - I swore I'd never make another one!
A close-up of the unique one-and-only wreath :)


misteejay said...

Stunning wreaths.
I love the sheet music & book-print ones...and of course, my favourite is the most fiddly one LOL
Fabulous pieces.
Toni xx

Mrs A. said...

Beautiful wreaths especially the one off. So sorry to hear of your loss . We lost a close family member in July which was not expected so know what you have /are going through. Hugs Mrs A.