Saturday, 21 June 2014

All 'Princessed' Out!

I have just spent the last few days making the little plaques for children that I used to enjoy creating :) I have now created about 100 of them - and now I never want to see another Disney Princess again in my life! lol
Still, if they sell at the next fete, it will all be worth it :)
Out all day tomorrow.. it was supposed to be a crafting day, but somehow think that me and my friends will end up just doing nothing (except gossiping and chatting - no mention of Disney Princesses allowed!).


misteejay said...

Gosh you sound as if you have really been putting in the crafting hours. I think you deserve a 'time-out' with friends...enjoy.

Toni xx

Di said...

Hi there! Just wondering if you're OK as it's ages since you blogged.


Di xx