Friday 19 April 2013

Another Fairy Captured :)

There was I, working away at my desk when a little fluttering movement near my laptop keys caught my eye. As I looked over to my computer, I spied this little fellow frolicking on my keys!
He said his name was Collin Ole, but that he liked to be called "Ollie" and he lived in a holly tree in my garden. He'd been waiting for Christmas and Winter to arrive, but had become confused with all the cold weather we've had here, and so wanted to ask a human what was going on, and what season it was.
Unfortunately, the only human he could find was me, so he didn't really get many decent answers :)
By sheer chance I was in the middle of making a decorated jar just the right size for Ollie... and so he asked if he could live there for a while.
Ollie loves the Poinsettia and holly leaves inside the jar - and was most impressed when I told him that I made all the berries myself from bits of polymer clay.
 The outside of the jar has lots of flowers and pearls, ribbons and feathers... but isn't too girly - Ollie likes that too.
 The top of the lid hides a little secret...
Under the red poinsettia is a hidden compartment...
 A quick flick of the switch, and Ollie is bathed in a gentle flickering glow...
He says he likes that too, because it reminds him of winter fires in the hearth, and it doesn't get too hot either.
These fairy jars are a great way of using up small bits and pieces, are really quick, and are easy too. I like to decoupage and layer the paper figures in my jars - even though I'm rubbish at it *lol* Glitter and a glass partition can hide a multiple of sins and bad cuts :)
I'm entering this one (same as the last one) into the Crafty Snippets challenge over at Di's place - Pixies Crafty Workshop. It'll be the first time I've ever entered twice in one week! :)


Sarn said...

"Really quick and easy?" Are you kidding me? Looks like you spent hours on it.

Fantastic jarful of loveliness! xxx

Mrs A. said...

What fun. Can we have one for the playground please pretty please!! Hugs Mrs a.

misteejay said...

Oh my...this is just fabulous.

Love, love, love it.

Toni xx

Di said...

AMAZING! The little light is a gorgeous touch to a really beautiful make - I know you love Christmas, does this mean you're starting early?

LOVE it!

Hugs, Di xx

Debs Willis said...

Think I like this one even more than the pretty pink one! Roll on Christmas (she says, bathed in Sunshine - makes a change!)

Debs x

Mary said...

Love, Love, Love the fairy jar. So much to look at. I'm going to be fluttering around your blog to see what else is about....if you capture me, please let me out before dinner. Have a great week! Oh, I found you on the playground...

Hettie said...

Oh My! Isn't Ollie a lucky Fairy?
This is gorgeous. Love it!
BTW If Ollie is ever near my house, he is always welcome to use the Fairy Door we have in my room!

Ascension said...

Un precioso trabajo, enhorabuena!!!
besitos ascension