Thursday, 11 April 2013

She's Baaa-aaack!!!

Hoping to get on here and do some catching up later... as I've been off blogger for a little while. I had a bit of worrying health news, and had to wait for some test results... but I'm all okay now. I know it's an obvious thing to ask, but will all ladies who are offered a smear test please, please go ahead and have one! Even if nothing appears wrong, a couple of minutes of discomfort is a small price to pay for peace of mind. If you do think somethng is wrong, don't ignore it. See your doctor or nurse, get a smear and talk to someone! When the test results come back clear, your world will be amazingly worry free :)
And if the test results aren't such good news... then you'll know you've made the right choice, and have taken one huge step towards regaining your health.

So... scare over for me and hopefully normal activity will resume soon :)
If I'm ever absent from here, I can sometimes be found on Facebook ... because let's face it... that candy won't crush itself :D


Sian said...

A great reminder.

I'm delighted that everything is okay.

MaryH said...

I'm so thankful for you that all turned out well. It is terribly scary, but better to be scared for a tiny bit, than ignore something you WISH you had taken care of. All problems found early, are much easier to solve, than if let go on to become more complex & harder to fix. Glad to hear you can put your mind at ease, and thanks for speaking out! TFS

Darnell J Knauss said...

I was going to say what MaryH said so well before me. Thank you for speaking out and I'm delighted to hear that everything is fine!