Sunday, 9 December 2012


I have been sort-of decorating... not the full-on wallpapering and painting the walls sort of decorating, but more of a 'shjuzzing up' sort of thing. Sprucing up my home. Eight years I've been in my little home... and it's finally beginning to feel like it's all mine :)

I found a temporary frame for the little embroidery that my Nan had done...
Ideally, I'd like one a bit thinner and longer... but this was a little charity shop find that will do very nicely for now. In the same charity shop I found a perfect little cushion and cover in a gorgeous deep red - brand new for just £2.50... bargain!
I found something I always wanted for my home too... words. I wanted to paint words on the wall, going around an inner corner of the front room... but never found anywhere that would lend me an overhead-projector to get the writing perfect... then I came across some word stickers that were almost exactly what I wanted!
Of course, when I had the original idea, we had a moderately sized television that sat nicely in a wooden cupboard... now I have a monster on the wall... but then, I suppose that Hubby has to have some things his own way in his home :)
I've done loads more... just little things to make this house feel like it's my 'forever home'. I loved my old house - though I only lived in it for about ten years, and didn't think I'd ever really love the home I have now. But things change... and though my house is a concrete little end-of terrace box on a council street, I feel like I am home.

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Di said...

Love what you did with the embroidery Sheleen. Home is where the heart is - I lived for a lot of years in a house that many would absolutely long for.......... where there was no heart. Eventually I left and started over again, sometimes I feel sad that it had to be done, but mostly I'm glad I had the courage to walk away and find a home and a heart together. Hugs, Di xx