Monday, 19 November 2012

Some Ideas, Please...?

I have been a busy bunny lately. I decided that the under-stair cupboard (read: dumping ground) needed a clear-out, and so I set myself the task of sorting and binning, sweeping and cleaning the whole space. Three times I banged my head backing out of the doorway of the space - concrete lintels hurt! Anyway, I managed to sort through the bags of bags (seriously!), old video recorders and Sky boxes, smelly wellies and muddy boots and have made a useable space for ironing board, vaccuum cleaner and bags-for-life. The only problem was that I knew the sideboard in the dining room needed sorting out too - it had loads of 'stuff' inside that could be stored in the newly-spacious under-stair cupboard... so I did that. I won't be making any Christmas cards this year - I found EIGHT packs shoved in the back of a drawer or two, as well as a big box of loose cards. I have the sneaking suspicion that I may be a bit of a hoarder :) So... everything tidy (-ish) and with a pile of stuff to get rid of on Ebay, I find a little rag at the back of one of the side-cupboards in the sideboard. I was so tired of tidying, that I almost just threw it in the bin, before my mind jolted and I remembered what it was... A small piece of practice embroidery my nan had done.
I want to hang it in my dining room - the colours would be perfect. The actual needlework picture is about 9"x5.25", with plenty of space around it as you can see. The background colour is more of a sort of oatmeal colour than it shows here... but that's besides the point.
So... I was wondering about the best way to hang this.
A photo frame? But then, do I stretch the picture over some sort of stiff backing - because I really don't want to cut it to size...? Or should I stretch it over a canvas frame and staple it in place? Would I need to glue the whole thing down - though I'm loathe to do that too, as I don't want to harm or damage the piece of work.
I did think of sewing a rod into a channel at the top and bottom of the piece, and hanging it that way.... but not too sure, as I want it to look more like art than just a wall hanging. Maybe a shadow box... but how would that work, I'm wondering?

So, any ideas... anyone?
Any photographs you have of similar projects you could point me to would be fantastic!


Di said...

Hi honey! I'm no expert with something as precious - you could just press carefully and then frame it just as it is, with a darker background in a bigger frame than the piece. I mean, literally without sticking, stretching or trimming. It would retain the effect of being a 'test piece' and have character - and no danger of damage.

What a precious find too!!

So pleased you're blogging again :)) Hugs, Di xx

misteejay said...

What a super find.

I agree with Di, I don't think you want to muck around with it too much as it really is precious. Either mount as Di suggests or still going for a bigger frame to accommodate the fabric you could place a piece of toning mount board over the work as an inner frame taking it closer to the edge of the actual embroidery.

Toni xx