Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Brag-Book (almost-) Mini

I just had to make a little brag book to show off some piccies of my grandchildren (any excuse!)... I bought a Basic Grey card making set on sale for less than £5 from Pickwells, and decided to use the papers inside to make my book (with enough left over to make at least 4 other cards with all the embellishments too!)
The pack included little magnetic discs too, so the book closes up and seals like a clutch bag.

Each page is also a pocket, and the pockets on each cover contain a scan photo of each of my granbabies. The first page is Alistair - lots of stamping with a La Blanche stamp (fantastic foam stamps that always leave a brilliant impression - I can really highly recommend these, and I bought mine from QVC) and stitching. The ink was Crushed Olive distress ink by Ranger. The initial "A" is stampes on the photo, on the background paper and also on the reverse of the photo, so it will always be seen nomatter what way round the photo ends up. A photo of my little Rosie Posie is in the pocket - taken a year ago.

I used a small brad and fixing to keep the photo in.

My little Rosie-Posie... gotta love that cute little girl. I stitched the letter "L" (for Lily) and used stickers I'd had hanging around for years to create her name. The flourish in the centre was a bargain at £1 - a basic Grey rub on... that has rubbed off more than it rubbed on (I don't do rub ons too well). The edges were stamped and embossed, then I drew around the flourishes with a white gel pen. The photo here is the only one that isn't removable. The pockets have photographs of Lily and me in one side (the reverse of the previous page), and a little folder with two recent photographs of Lily and Alistair together.

A photo of Lily at 1 year old and a recent piccie of Alistair on the next pages where I made a pocket and a simple stitched oval to frame the photographs. In the pocket, a photograph of Alistair asleep - he's such a cutie-pie-snuffly-baby.

Behind the photograph of Alistair is a sticker that looked so sweet, I had to use it.

Finally, another photograph of Lily and Baby Brother Aistair, held in with photo corners and a butterfly. I used the butterflies quite a lot in this way - glueing them onto light card and then cutting them out. These were pictures I had printed off a long time ago - I can't remember where I found them... but they're quite pretty and I use them in a lot of projects.

Well, that's my brag-book ... not a mini exactly... but just an excuse to grab strangers in the street and demand they see photos of my beautiful grandchildren. :)

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misteejay said...

Ooooooooo, that is beautiful.

Toni :o)