Monday, 21 March 2011

The box...

Ah, yes... the box...
Darling eldest daughter has moved away from home (again!) and wanted a piece of art for her wall. Not any piece of art would do for our beautiful Naomi, no.... she wanted a 12x12 layout created by her mum, and set in a box. With mojo at an all time low and all ideas flying fast out of the window for a layout, I decided on making the presentation box first. Using a box that held a delivery from The Craftz Boutique last week, I cut the middle out of the front ready to place some aetate behind. The actual box had to be able to be closed and opened (more of that later), and also match her black and cream with gold colour scheme. I covered the box with newspaper (like papier mache) and then pages from an old book. Satin black wall paint was also used to paint the box inside and out, and then black ink with gold mixatives was used liberally over the whole box. I could have painted the back of it.... but time and absolute laziness dictated that what the eye cannot see, I cannot be bothered to change :)
I used ribbon to tie the corners shut, and also to hang the finished piece of art. Naomi is thrilled with it!

The acetate front is simply held on with brads (inked with adirondack inks to match the box itself), and it's designed so that a battery operated faux-tealight can be placed inside the box, to light up the layout inside. 

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