Saturday, 18 September 2010

Still no scrapbook page...

Well, what with all that tidying, and my sons birthday today (YAY!!!) I decided that I wanted something smaller to craft, so I made a mini-mini-book. It's just under 1.5" by 3", and I tried to use scraps, offcuts, and even photographs already printed out. It's going to be used as a tag for my mums birthday present. It started off as a little plastic box that I had bought from Tesco with little inkers inside.
With the tidying of my craft space, I had lots of ideas about what I wanted to use... and I knew exactly where to find it all too. I am very happy to say that I didn't make much mess, and the craft area is still as neat and tidy as before I started too :) Every photograph except for the one on the front page is in a little pocket, and every page has a little bit of bling on it.
I wanted to make sure that the book, small as it is, would be 'coherent' and with not too much going on, so I kept the embellishments the same for each page, used only 'Tattered Rose' and 'Walnut Stain' inks throughout, and chose my mums favourite black & white photographs of her wedding, my brother and I, her grandmothers, parents, and siblings.
All in all, I really enjoyed making the book, and it took me just a few hours from start to finish - and that's including waiting for the liquid pearls to dry :)
I used super-glue gel to glue the paper onto the plastic box - being careful not to get it too close to any flaps on the box, as the gel sets hard and makes the plastic brittle. The ribbon fastening is wound all round the box, glued with the gel also... as is the button. The ribbon from the top flap simply winds round the button once and this holds the lid closed very well.

Here's hoping Mum enjoys her little extra gift come her birthday in November :)


misteejay said...

What a lovely idea - it is beautiful.

Toni :o)

Karen said...

Awsine book Sheleen. I really admire how you can see possibilities in everything. You must be so patient to make something so small but then when it is for someone you love patience has no boundries.

Sian said...

I love this!! It's beautiful, such care and love have gone into it it's easy to tell.

sutty said...

Beautiful vintage mini book, with so much detail- your Mum will love it.