Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Quickest LO ever (for me*lol*)

My Mum-In-Law with my grand-daughter (her great-granddaughter, of course!) taken in January this year. I just loved the way they interacted - like Lily was hanging onto every word out of her Great-Nanna's mouth...
The patterned paper is from Me&MyBigIdeas, and the rest of the paper is stamped and inked by me with Ranger distressed inks (Black Soot). All the roses and also the butterfly were from a wedding favours stash I had in a drawer - had to come in useful one day :)
The whole LO from beginning idea to end product took less than 3 hours - which is PDQ for me! Though I will admit that I think the speed in which I completed this LO does show somewhat... but it's not too bad.

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Sandra said...

I had to laugh when I saw your title ...there would be now way in the world I could create something that beautiful quickly! It's such a fabulous layout. Bet you're feeling pleased you kept those favours now :)