Tuesday, 28 March 2017

WOYWW #408

I was so late in posting last week - I hope this week's "What's On Your Wordesk? Wednesday" finds me somewhat more organised :) (It didn't, and In wasn't lol)
This week I am number 38
So... this week I am doing... nothing actually. I have finished the mini-album... though I am not happy with it at all. More about that in a moment. Firstly... my desk:
  A finished album, my coffee, a couple of deliveries of embellishments - and some glycerine. I have some old file folders that I want to turn into leather-looking paper and apparently, the glycerine will help me do this. We'll see lol
My desk looks quite sparse - but around me is chaos - my drawers are stuffed and overflowing, and I've been rifling through my stash.
These are just four of the TEN drawer units I have crammed into my wee tiny craft room - not to mention the shelves, storage boxes, and piles of 'stuff' placed everywhere. It's a tight squeeze in here :)
Now... the album...
It's just way too stuffed lol. I ended up glue-ing the journalling spots directly to the pages instead of making little cards - but I may have to cut down the pages inside anyway and removing some pieces just to make it all a little less bulky.
I'm pleased with the actual design - so I have no idea what bits I shall remove yet...

Showing the journalling spots I've had to glue directly onto the page... and this is the page on the left that I made so many mistakes with. It's a bit of a shame - because I LOVE this paper collection and wanted this album in my living room.
Oh, well!

I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday - I will have a nose around later at what people are showing. 
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Have Fun!!!


misteejay said...

The album looks fabulous.
Toni xx

Helen said...

the album is fabulous - the more stuffed the better I say! Helen #1

glitterandglue said...

Hi there. Oh, I do so hope you won't have to cut down that album - it is so beautiful, and you have worked so very hard on it. Think long and hard, won't you?
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #29

Lindart said...

Your album is beautifully awesome! Only you can see it's faults. You should put it in the Living Room! Thanks for sharing, Lindart, #35

lisa said...

Your journal looks amazing, I love how thick and inviting it looks.
The glycerin will make your leather looking paper a treat. It's a favourite technique of mine, just mix a little bit in a spray bottle with plenty of water and wet your paper well, screwing it up and repeating until it looks like chammy leather. I like to put it through an embossing folder at this stage. When it's dry you can stain it up, add some gloss medium and it looks great. Good Luck with it.
hugs Lisax #19

Sarah Brennan said...

Well I think the album looks great. I use a one part glycerine to 6 parts water mix. It works brilliantly with kraft card as there is already a brown base colour. It is also less prone to tear when you have sprayed both sides and scrumple it up. Sarah #13

Christine said...

What an interesting post! Love your journal, hope you don't have to cut it too much.
Take care
Christine #15