Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WOYWW #349

Ah, normality :) 
It's very under-rated, I think. 
After blood tests and more blood tests and fantastically funny allergic reactions to medications, it is finally less stressful to have a "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday"? post, hosted as always by the multi-talented Ms Julia :)
Today, I am number....33 for week #349
I am a little more organised today... not much - but a little :) I'm still making dolls house figures...
I have my much-needed coffee (cold, as always lol) and an almost-finished pack of Mrs Crimbles gluten-free macaroons. I swear there is some left in the pack. Oh, okay... there's just ONE left in the pack - but they are delicious :) 
Actually, the figures I'm making at the moment aren't for my dolls house. I have a slight problem with creating faces - I have little or no control over what faces 'appear' from the clay. So here I am thinking about the legs for my "Come Give Grandma A Kiss" figure, and all the limbs for the head of the smoking man figure (his cigarette is safely stowed away with my eyeballs).
Poor Miss Havisham still has no clothes, but at least she is complete :) The Woman In Black, Mrs Lovett, and Jacob Marley's Ghost all have their  head and limbs all finished, and need putting together and wigging where needed, before being clothed.
 My one-in-a-million amazing mum quickly crocheted me a little shawl for the kissy grandma - perfect in a bright pink to match her lips and nails :)
And finally, the eyeballs I have to make before starting any figurine... I am useless without my eyeballs lol.  They are stuck onto double sided sticky tape, along with any other tiny bits and pieces I don't want to lose. This is where the smoking man's cigarette is stashed :) All the cat hairs on the sticky strips aren't really important - the cat just likes to add to the collection for me every now and then :)
Well, that's it from my desk this week - and from my newly-tidied craft room. My desk is now in front of the window - bright sunlight (when shining) all day, and a lovely view to my garden (which is in dire need of mowing and sorting!).
I am now going back to listing items for sale on a certain well-known auction site.
Have a wonderful Wednesday - and the rest of the week!


misteejay said...

Lots going on there on the desk today. So many interesting bits & pieces for your doll house.
Toni xx

Jill Kiln Fired Art said...

How interesting, you made me smile, looking forward to seeing the finished figures.
Jill #29

Giac said...

Hello Bubbles,
It is great to follow your progress. the shall your mum made is lovely!
Big hug

Claire Grantham said...

OMG this is awesome, love the details in all your figures. I can't wait to see them finished, especially the Grandmother in her snazzy shawl. Thanks for visiting my blog..I laughed at your comment about the hunky dude stamp. Cx #46

Pen Sunshinepen said...


Thanks for popping over so thought I would do the same. Lots going on for you I see.

Crafty hugs Pen x #29

Sharon said...

Those dolls look interesting. Can't wait to see how they turn out. I love how you have names and stories for them.

Sharon K #44

Super Stamp Girl said...

HI Bubbles, thanks for visiting me earlier! Happy to return the favor. I'd love to see some of these finished dolls, I'll have to come back later and check in. xo Crystal #43

Elizabeth said...

thank you for your comment on my blog. I visit yours and I like what you make. Very creative. Have a nice day. Hartelijke groeten uit Nederland.

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Bubbles - you are my new favourite person! I LOVE all things miniature but totally lack your talent for creating on a tiny scale. I will be watching your progress with interest. Your figures look AMAZING - just - WOW!

Thanks for your visit today and your lovely supportive comments.

Enjoy your week and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous work. Hugs MMx #32

Jackie Mackay said...

Fascinating little dolls - love the eyeballs comment. Looking forward to seing the kissy grandma with the shawl. have a good week x Jackie 28

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I am very impressed by the preciseness of your diminutive clay modeling work - and your mother's crocheting too. I've modeled figures out of clay, but never to this scale. Thanks for your visit and Happy WOYWW!

Lisca Meijer said...

Wow! That is so tiny. I marveled over the eye balls and the tiny cigarette. The shawl your mum made is wonderful. You tell me that she is also a lace maker. I inherited everything from my mum, but she can't teach me as she is going blind.. (and of course she lives in another country which doesn't help).
You might want to learn it one day....
Thank you for you lovely comment,
Have a good week,

butterfliecrafter said...

you must have such a patience. Vicky#18