Saturday, 23 January 2016


I missed out on the last WOYWW (see previous posts) because I was at the doctors - for AGES! They took my blood and my blood pressure, gave me more advice, sent the bloods to my rheumatology doctor and sent me on my way - who knew it would take so long?! 
So, seeing as there is no post showing my desk this week, I thought I'd post a quick update. I'm afraid it's all dolls house related again - You can follow my progress with my new project here at
I am making a terrible mess with Fimo clay - trying to create figures for the dolls house. Once again, I am using so many of the tools I had bought for scrapbooking - embossing tools being the favourite at the moment - brilliant for strategically poking little round holes in the clay.
I've also found a little skeleton in my 'Halloween and Stuff' drawer that will become... well, let's keep that a secret for now - suffice to say that Mum gave me a book to read, and one of the tales in that book will have great bearing on one room in the dolls house.
I have an early birthday present from my darling Hubby - a mini table circular saw. My daughters other half makes guitars, and he is SO good at this - search Matt Dennison on Facebook and you'll find him - he is in a screaming metal band named Deference - Matt is the incredibly handsome one - my daughter has great taste lol. Anyways, seeing as Matt often needs tools, I offered him the use of my new gadget whenever he wants... which he seemed really happy about until I said the little saw was "Sooo cute!". That kind of put him off I think.
My desk right now is strewn with pokey tools, blades, black paint, tools, doll bits, Fimo clay, hair, hair stuck in Fimo clay... you get the picture - it is kinda messy. Oh, okay... It is Very messy lol

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