Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Today It's Wednesday again... time for the joy that is always "What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?" (hosted by the wonderful Julia at The Stamping Ground)
It's a shame I didn't have a photograph of my desk yesterday - covered in scrapbooking stuff... just like old times :)
Today however, it's "Makin'Bacon" time on my desk... and trying to figure out what next to do on my 1:24th scale teashoppe.
Seriously... that little white tile has upon it what will eventually be 1:12th scale crispy fried bacon. I've been in the mood for a lot of music of late - hence the i-Pod and speakers - I think I've listened to everything on there twice round in the past day or two. I have to add that the ashtrays on my desk are NOT because I'm a heavy smoker *lol* They were extremely cheap to buy and are very useful for mixing pastel chalk colours in and storing miniature fried chips in.
Well, that's all on here for today... and my! isn't Julia early posting WOYWW post today? (even if she did forget Mr Linky)
Have a wonderful WOYWW everyone... and Happy Crafting!!!


Neil said...

Hi there; just thought I'd pop my head in to say hi! Such lovely tiny goings on here this week.
Neil #9

Sandra said...

Where have you been, or more to he point, I've missed you. Lovely to see that creative desk :)