Saturday, 27 August 2011

More Kittens... And More News

Oh, my... CallieCat is preggers again! She's happily blossoming and blooming... and getting very fussy with her food too! It'll be so interesting to see what colours her kittens will be this time round.

More (un-crafting) news...
Beth did BRILLIANTLY in her exams, and I'm getting letters from colleges all over, asking whether Beth would like to attend... but she's already chosen her perfect college, and she's planning her future so well.

Naomi has chosen her engagement ring - although she doesn't actually know it yet. She was picking out a few that she hoped Dan (her fiance) would choose for her... and I happened to e-mail him a few choices. He chose the perfect ring today... she'd going to LOVE it!

Kyle, my one-and-only (and therefore favourite) son is moving out. This is HUGE news for me. I'l miss him so much... but his bedroom will very soon be (drum roll here)....
A new craft room for me!!!!
I am hoping to hear wedding bells from his corner soon too - he and Steph are so perfect for each other! A mother can only drop so many hints to her son before she tells him outright *lol*

So... there's my news.
 Blogger is being a pain again, and I can't leave comments :( BUT I really have been looking through and thoroughly enjoying people's blogs today... you are ALL so talented!!!

I'm just beginning to work on a project... I have FOUR planned - including a mini-album made from books, a recipe album, a Christmas Cottage mini album (that will hopefully have lights strung across the front of the outer box shaped like a thatched cottage) in traditional red and green Christmas colours, and a special mini-album which wil be a Moroccan cook-book for Naomi and Dan to help celebrate their new home (they are moving on Tuesday). Trouble is, I'm thinking about all these projects and not actually planning any properly! I really have to get sorted :)
Found the link I needed... Patti shared a mini album and stand she recieved in a swap... it is amazing! She is also a wonderful person who does reply if you send her a message - I asked about tea-dyeing... and she answered me with a personal e-mail as soon as she was able. Anyways... this mini album and stand she recieved was quite stunning... and I am planning on making something inspired by it.
See Patti's gift she recieved here.


misteejay said...

So much going on.

Your projects sound lovely and I'm sure the ones destined for family members will be loved and treasured.

Toni xx

Di said...

Tons of fabby news! Lots of congratulations are due - as well as some kittens :)) Di xx

Karen said...

Congratulations to Beth and I have to point out you have a cat of lose morals :o) !

dawn said...

awww more kittens already, how sweet they will be. Congrats on all your happy news of your kids. It's so nice when all these happen at once and you can keep celebrating. Good luck on your projects.