Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Who stole a few hours from each day...?

Well, someone's been shaving off a few hours from every day... at least, that's how it feels! At the moment, I have no time to do anything - and if I do find a few moments spare to do a bit of crafting, as soon as I sit to my desk I have four little kittens chewing at my ankles. It's so hard to concentrate when the skin is being flayed from your ankle by little fur-monsters with pin-like teeth *lol*
Misty had an eye infection... but careful bathing of it with cooled boiled water has ensured she's made a full recovery... now she thinks I'm her mum and she miaows for me all the time! Sox is still the most beautiful kitten I have ever seen, Boo-Bear is just a HUGE mass of cuddlesome kitty! And sweetie-pie little Max-A-Trillion has just discovered his own shadow (though he hasn't figured out that he can't catch it yet! *lol*)
So... apart from cleaning litter trays (yes... they are all litter trained already thanks to Boo who started using the litter tray at just 3 weeks old!), keeping CallieCat away from her kittens' food, and having my ankles flayed, I haven't been able to do much at all.
I am in the process of making yet another mini-book... only this one isn't so 'mini' really. I've almost finished the outer case - just a latch to put on the front and the outside is complete... wanna see...?
I'm going to call this "A Trunk Full Of Memories", because it will have space for a few small treasures possessions as well as a mini-book.

Bit of a monster isn't it?! The outside measures 11.25 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 9 inches tall. I'm guessing that this sort of project would be easier and cheaper to buy than it is to make... but for me, it's just having something that I know I've created myself. I've used about 7 pieces of chipboard so far, as well as 5 sheets of kraft paper, one sheet of black cardstock and 4 sheets of Mariposa papers.
I think this one's going to take me a while to finish... and I'm hoping to actually write a tutorial for this too (you can thank Sian...lol).


Sian said...

LOL! I think a lot of things now are probably cheaper to buy - but it has never stopped me either!

The tutorial will be fantastic

Karen said...

Every time I read your blog and you have those kitties on it I have to say Arrrrrrrr out loud!

dawn said...

The papers on here are beautiful, love the patterns you chose. I think you get a lot done even with those cute little kittens around. They are getting so big and even cuter. Thanks for sharing them with us as they get bigger.