Friday, 24 June 2011

Still busy busy busy... Trunk boxes.

I finally finished the tutorial for the "Trunk Full Of Memories" box and mini album ... and I can't send it because my e-mail keeps timing out! Hopefully my son will sort out something for me...
It is a gorgeous finished item.
Yesterday I set myself a challenge... make something using only leftovers and scraps. So, I decided to make a mini-trunk-box with an album inside.
I had sorted out my scraps - chipboard, cardboard and kraft paper into one bag... plain papers into another bag... and last of all, patterned papers into a separate bag.
It turned out quite well... the little trunk holds a 6.75"x4.75" gatefold album (do I make any other kind of album these days? *lol*) and it will fit nicely into the colour scheme of my bedroom :)
I'd usually keep all my leftover bits and pieces for a while, get fed up with them taking up space, and then throw them out! Think I shall have to set myself a "Leftovers Challenge" at least once a month from now on!

I'm having a few problems with Blogger again... leaving comments is becoming quite a long-drawn-out process whereby I am advised to clear cookies and cache, re-sign in, refresh, retry posting a comment, and then scream in frustration directly after grinning through my grinding teeth *lol*
Okay, so I'm NOT advised to scream or grin inanely... but it does help!

So, if I've not been commenting as much as I used to, please accept my apologies - I love reading every blog that I follow... and I wouldn't like anyone to think that I've not been visiting regularly.

Right... off to clean a litter tray, remove kittens clinging onto ankles with claws and pin-teeth, feed little critters, fuss mummy-cat, extra fusses to the dog... and then opening a BIG bag of minstrels and having a lovely hot cup of black coffee. What's the bet the phone's going to start ringing as soon as I'm off the computer? *lol*


dawn said...

I love the idea of using leftover scraps, this is a great challenge for us crafty people. The trunk is beautiful and such a cool idea. It's so fun to see your creations. Sorry about blogger giving you a hard time, it's been doing that awhile now for me and others. Good luck and don't worry we know you love us and you aren't ignoring us. Have a great weekend.

misteejay said...

Blogger has been a right pain for a while now - I do wish they would get it sorted.

Love this second trunk - such pretty colours.

Toni xx

Sian said...

It's a beautiful trunk.

Blogger needs to get its act together!

Scattychick said...

I love these mini albums and boxes you do Sheleen and you have inspired me to do one. I am going to make a guard box (like outside Buckingham Palace) with a mini album inside for my hubby with lots of army photos of him. He is a Grenadier guard so has done the whole standing still and unresponsive outside the palace.

Anita said...

You are just too talented by halves Sheleen, this is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh wow i love this, beautifully Created.
hugs June xxxxxxx

Sandra said...

Oh it's just gorgeous.