Friday, 1 October 2010

Still Here!

I have been so busy lately! I haven't done any layouts lately... but I have completed the utterly adorable and gorgeous Birdhouse Mini from Following The Paper Trail (Laura Denison). It is GORGEOUS!

Of course I adapted the design of Lauras to suit my own tastes - but she is sheer genius to think up something like this. The only slight problem I have at the moment is CallieCat thinking the bird is there for her enjoyment only, and she keeps trying to eat the poor thing.
I made all the ivy leaves myself - all hand cut individually and gesso'ed and gel-penned to within an inch of their lives *lol*.

Anyways... I'm shattered right now, as I've been out all evenng celebrating my babygurls' 21st birthday (gin should be banned for over 40's *lol*) so I'll sign off, get perfectly sobered (#1 son making me black coffee as I type *lol*), and try posting again later.


Sandra said...

Aren't 40's the new 20's ... I think so, so you just carry on with the party :)

Loving this bird house, so so pretty

Sharon said...

Nothing wrong with gin at all for over 40's - I'm in the over 50's and it still tastes good to me ha ha! Love the pretty bird house.

Sian said...

I totally agree - nothing wrong with gin for the over 40s (I gave it a mention this week too!) The birdhouse is fabulous. I have a little wooden one just waiting to be altered and now you have got me thinking..