Saturday, 2 October 2010

More about the birdhouse mini...

Following on from my previous post (of a slightly inebriated blogger *lol*), I thought I'd add a few details about the birdhouse mini I made.
The outer papers are all MME, and the inner pages are made with double-sided heavy-duty papers from Prima.
The fake hole in the front of the birdhouse was made using inks rather than black cardstock, as I wanted to make a 'hole' that looked slightly more real - so I inked heavily in the centre of some card with Black Soot Ranger ink, and then used tissue to blend it outwards. I used wooden pegs for the feet - cut off and painted, I thought they looked so sweet and fitted in perfectly!

The lttle brown bird was bought really cheaply, but had gold wings attached and these just had to go! I padded out the wings and tail with feathers from my budgie to replace to gold sequin-like wings I had ripped off (that sounds so cruel!). I didn't pluck out the feathers from my budgie, I might add rather quickly here *lol*... they were picked up and saved from when he was shedding naturally :)
Just a quick reminder that the original design by Laura Denison is found here.
I chose to make my birdhouse a bit more plain than Laura's - but that's what is so great about her designs - they are so adaptable. I'm thinking of making several of these - from a wedding chapel to a tool shed - but it could take me a while :)

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misteejay said...

So pretty - can't wait to see what other ideas you come up with.

Toni :o)