Friday, 23 July 2010

Hello There!

Although only a few weeks really, it feels as though I've been 'away' for much longer! I have a lot to catch up on, but that will have to wait for a few days, as crafting comes first :)

So, no new layout today... just a catch-up on the little bits of gossip I have to share.

I'm going to be a Grannie again! I have scan pictures of my future grandbaby, but have no idea as to whether my daughter is having a boy or a girl. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another grand-daughter... only because her partner has agreed that if the have another daughter, then they will try again for another baby in the future. If it's a boy, then no more grandbabies for Nonna :( and this particular Nonna (that's what my granddaughter calls me) wants LOTS of grandchildren.

The pregnant daughter is also getting married in September. Of course the baby wasn't planned for just yet, so she'll be walking the aisle with a huge bouquet covering her beautiful bump.

My other daughter is single again (any 20-ish good looking lads want to date a real stunner?? *lol* joking - about the dating bit - she really is a stunner) and is currently in Benidorm. I really don't want to see her holiday photographs this year - last years' made me have a few more grey hairs than before I'd had he shock of seeing them, and I have enough grey now thank you!

The credit crunch has finally hit home. After seeing my credit card statement last week, Hubby has confiscated my store cards and cut up my credit cards. Oops... I have definitely NOT been a good girl on the spending front. I really can't say I am undeserved of Hubbys' treatment... but I am going to TRY and curb my excessive spending. Without credit cards or store cards, I reckon not spending could be a breeze!

Lastly, the dog and our kitten... Best friends now! It's just too sweet to see them together, playing and running around.

That's about it for now... hope everyone has been enjoying the summer weather (I hate it *lol*) and getting all that Christmas crafting ready - it is July after all :)

Hopefully I'll have a layout to publish here very soon, and will try to keep posting a bit more regularly.

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Sian said...

It's great to see you back Sheleen :) I've enjoyed reading all your gossip (Many congrats Nonna) today and of course having a look at your beautiful layouts. Keep on blogging!