Monday, 3 May 2010

Callie Cat in the Garden

Our little kitten, Callie, having a jaunt out in the garden at 8 weeks old. Yes, I finally had time to do a layout - even though I've been interrupted several times (including when the kitten decided to use our granddaughters toybox as a litter tray - how unco-operative of her!). She actually hated being outside - too many sights and sounds to take in all at once I suppose - but she did enjoy sitting with me watching the fish in our pond. Somehow, I don't think our thoughts were the same at that moment. Lily the dog has been no trouble at all - even though she's not at all used to having a little kitten around the house (Bagpuss, our old cat, had been an outside cat all his life, and we had him before we had Lily). Callie's attitude towards the dog has taken a little longer to become amiable. She's learnt that hissing and spitting at Lily just encourages the dog to want to sniff kitty-bottom and so she has now begun a new tactic... She has discovered that the dog is actually a bit afraid of her (after Bagpuss, I'm not surprised!). Callie sneaks around the dogs basket and tries to pounce on her unexpectedly. The dog whines and runs away - of course, the kitten just thinks this is all part of a fantastic funny game and starts hurtling around the front room like some sort of demented furball! Mayhem ensues until I manage to catch the little criminal-minded feline and the dog gets her peaceful sleep in her basket again.
I used a Prima paper called Grape Twilight, and cut out the middle so I could lay another paper behind - one sheet from a book I have of My Minds Eye papers - the Jen Wilson Collection. Of course I stitched! I didn't make any of the flowers myself this time though - just layered up some I had from Prima (the E line collection). I also used the leftover paper bits to make some butterflies from two punches I have, and stamped the lettering on punched circles then layered them up onto punched flowers to make it all stand out a bit. Not too much distressing technique this time - but I did use Ranger inks a little to blend in the colours of the papers and the photograph.

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Sian said...

I love the way you've layered up your papers here. Beautiful!