Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Crafting Mishaps #7

Ah, the ATG gun... a little pink devil that pretends to be a helpful tool, when really it sits there, waiting... plotting .... dreaming up ways of defeating the hapless crafter (that's me!)
I mean to say - it looks innocent enough, and I even bought a pink one so that it didn't look at all sinister - but who knew the terrors that could be waiting...?

It all started when I needed a refill. The prices are so high! But then I found it... double the amount of sticky tape for half the price of my usual choice... Thank you, EBay!
I purchased the refill, and it arrived within two days! Great service, I thought - unwittingly letting this dangerous substance into my home - oh, the innocence of the bargain-hunter!
I had no idea what disasters lurked ahead as I loaded the gun, innocent as a baby as I laid my finger on the trigger - hovering above a piece of paper that begged to be stuck to something...
I lowered the 'nozzle' to the paper, pushed the trigger in and tried to glide the tape across the surface. It did not feel right. The tape was thicker than I was used to and it didn't break easily when I released the trigger (learnt the hard way - crafting mishaps #6). And there is the crux of it... the flippin' tape did NOT break! I tried to use a pair of scissors to cut it - and the tape stuck to the scissors. It was unravelling at speed as I struggled to detach the scissors from the tape. How I managed to wrap it around three fingers is a complete mystery! Why I didn't let go of the trigger and stop the tape unwinding is an even bigger mystery! The tape and gun were winning the battle - working together, they had nearly succeeded in overpowering me completely. I tried to drop the scissors - they were stuck to the tape I had wrapped around my fingers and I daren't shake them off - two cats and a dog were in the room (looking at me with smugness and bemusement). I turned around to grab another pair of scissors - and of course, the tape gun went clattering to the floor. My instant reaction was to lift my arm to stop it falling - but that just made the tape unwind even more. I knew then that this was a devious plan - the tape is NOT supposed to unwind when the trigger is released. 
I had visions of my family coming home to find me mummified in ATG tape... the dog sat faithfully by my side wondering how the hell I managed to get into such a sticky mess.
I sat on the floor, and the dog jumped on me and licked my face... then he tried to eat the tape - my hero!
I sat and picked that tape off for almost half an hour... and you know what the worst part is? It didn't stick to the paper properly!
 I hate that ATG gun... and I really hate the new tape!
I'm going back to shop at 3M Direct lol
I WILL defeat the ATG gun and become it's master!

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misteejay said...

Oh dear...what a to-do (although I did have to chuckle - my ATG has sat on my desk for ages unused as I can't get refills at a reasonable price). I have the grotty yellow coloured one.
Toni xx