Tuesday, 5 March 2013


With the prices of crafting items always seemingly on the up, up, up!, I always enjoy bagging a bargain. I was out shopping at a local store looking for the new creativity! pack when I cam across a set of dies I wanted... at such a low price I nearly wet myself with excitement! :D
Someone had obviously priced these wrongly, and so I picked up a set and marched to the checkout. When they let me have the dies at this price, I only wish I had bagged the whole lot they had!
Here's the set of dies... and yes, the price really is just £2.06. I saw the same set in HobbyCraft for £12.99, and I think the price here should have been £12.75.
I never did get the creativity! pack, and the store attendant took all the other mis-priced die sets off of the shelves :(

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MaryH said...

Lucky you! I usually have to 'argue' my way into this with the sales clerk, in the event I ever find a deal like this (our local Michael's store sometimes forgets & leaves a sale sign up, & I have to stand my ground when they tell me the sale is off!). I'm polite, but I've walked many a cashier back to the sign! Good for you at nailing this one. Can't wait to see what goodies you make with it. TFS